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Braren-Walsh & Associates is an employee benefit plan compliance services corporation focused exclusively on assisting organizations with compliance management of welfare benefit plans, fringe benefit plans, and pension benefit plans.  We work directly with clients, brokerage firms, TPAs, bank trust departments, and CPA firms across the country.  Our focus is providing a high-integrity and dedicated service to plan administrators, plan sponsors, and trustees, even in the most challenging of circumstances.   We have worked  with plan administrators, plan sponsors, and trustees with their direct appeals effort to secure abatement of well over $1 million in penalties to date.

With 31 years of gold-standard experience in employee benefit plan compliance, Braren-Walsh & Associates provides the cost effective, quality assurance cure to your compliance headaches.

In the current environment of ever-changing legislation and business flux, it pays to partner with an organization that keeps up with the minute details of welfare benefit plan, fringe benefit plan, and pension benefit plan compliance.

Organizations that need a full-service compliance department, but do not want additional overhead and personnel expenses, can fully benefit from our services. We assist plan sponsors, plan administrators, and brokers to determine what type of benefit plans they have and guide them in complying with ERISA, the DOL, and the IRS.


Heidi Braren-Walsh is the founder and president of Braren-Walsh & Associates, Inc. She has over 31 years of experience in compliance consulting and personally manages the day-to-day operations of the corporation.

With 34 years of experience in the employee benefits industry, 31 of which have involved specializing in employee benefit plan compliance, Heidi has extensive expertise assisting with audits of third party administrators. She has also provided consulting services to TPAs to determine the best approach for client plan set-up in relation to compliance. For years, she has worked closely with TPAs to disclose financial details that are now required when preparing the Schedule C.

Heidi is recognized as a problem solver and an expert in her field. She values her client relationships and, as a result, maintains a high level of business retention.

Prior to founding Braren-Walsh & Associates, Inc. 31 years ago, Heidi was employed as the compliance director for a TPA in the D.C. metropolitan area that specialized in the administration of welfare benefit plans funded through 501(c)(9) trusts - VEBAs (Voluntary Employee Benefit Association).

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